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Queens , New York , USA
environmentalism zero-waste music art painting gnu/linux video-games queer

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Cordoba , Argentina
privacy culture cultural-exchange programming rock foss free-software dos dos-games
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design computer graphics 3d art games internet technology freedom privacy trading stocks marketplaces

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Des Moines , Iowa , USA
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British Columbia , Canada
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Staffordshite , United Kingdom
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Hunter Valley , New South Wales , Australia
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Guanajuato , Mexico
robotics science games nature

Moskva (Moscow) , Russia
lang_ru games

Prague , Praha , Czech Republic
kings of war wargaming larp board games orcs undead mantic

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Madison , Wisconsin , USA
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videogames hiking illustration board games cookies

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videogames indie games gamedev game development

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linux fediverse dudeism socialism taoism buhddism anticonsumerism anticapitalism science information technology video games self hosting decentralization